Progressives Won’t Like This Newest Update On Sen. Joe Manchin

Progressive have all but declared outright war against Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia after he announced that he wouldn’t be voting for the far-left legislation known as the Build Back Better Act.

Manchin stated the economy and inflation, amongst other things, as reasons he cannot support the legislation favored by Joe Biden. The White House has since put out a series of statements attacking Democrats and other passionate progressives.

As reported by Fox Business, if progressives had their way, they’d have the whole country believing that Manchin is a traitor to his constituents in West Virginia. However, this lie continues to fall to pieces, especially as West Virginians come out in support of their senator’s decision.

Residents of the Mountain State have gone on record pointing out the immense harm that would ensue for them if Manchin was not opposing Biden’s newest spending bill. This harm entails damage to the state’s energy industry, higher inflation levels, an impediment blocking churches from providing services like childcare, and more.

Progressives didn’t think about this when they took time to spout off how terrible Manchin is. Sen. Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed socialist, stated that Manchin would have to explain himself to the voters of West Virginia.

Perhaps Sanders and others with his mindset should realize that West Virginians don’t want to suffer all the harm that Build Back Better would bring their way. Over the past two years, this country has been through enough drama to last for a generation. The last thing we need is more fiscal recklessness and feckless policies.

As residents of West Virginia continue to come out in favor of Sen. Manchin’s refusal to vote for the Build Back Better Act, there is a very critical lesson that progressives need to learn as soon as possible.

In a nutshell, the lesson is that Manchin is responsible for representing his constituents in the Mountain State, not consenting to what DC Democrats want, regardless of how loud or mean they become.

Progressives can say whatever they please about Manchin. However, West Virginia residents are the ones with the power to vote Manchin into office, keep him in office, or vote him out.

It makes every bit of sense in the world for the senator to vote in a way that is in keeping with what his constituents want, even if this puts him at odds with the White House and the Democrat Party.