Progressives Reach New Levels Of Desperation With Build Back Better

As 2021 approaches its end, progressives are blind with rage over the fact that they presently lack the votes in the US Senate to pass the legislation known as the Build Back Better Act.

Currently, all 50 Senate Republicans are opposing the spending measure, as is Senate Democrat Joe Manchin. This month, Manchin was apparent that the legislation’s price tag and other bill elements go a bridge too far from him.

The White House has various statements attacking Joe Manchin and progressive lawmakers and voters.

However, Manchin isn’t budging. The West Virginia Democrat has openly declared that he’s not somehow who can be pushed around and eventually bullied into doing whatever progressives want him to do.

Therefore, the radical wing of the Democrat Party is now desperately pushing for Biden to take executive action as another route to implement the Build Back Better Act, according to National Review.

In a nutshell, progressives are now claiming that since the Build Back Better Act remains tied up in the Senate, Biden should implement various executive orders in keeping with Build Back Better’s proposals.

Democrat Pramila Jayapal stated that by the 46th president using executive orders to implement Build Back Better, he would show Americans he’s serious about improving people’s lives.

Jayapal claimed that executive action would message Manchin and other Build Back Better detractors that they can’t stop so-called progress.

At this time, though, the 46th president does not appear as if he’s planning to take executive action on the Build Back Better Act. Instead, the White House has inferred they’ll continue trying to get Manchin on board with the legislation so it can pass the Senate.

Despite what progressives would have Americans believe, executive orders in this regard are not very prudent or realistic. If Biden were able to enact various Build Back Better measures with the stroke of his pen, there would be no need to go through the trouble of sending the bill through Congress.

Furthermore, mass executive orders at the level progressives are talking about would undoubtedly be illegal and therefore engender lawsuits very quickly. Biden tried to bypass Congress and pass gun control measures via executive order earlier this year.

However, red states quickly stepped in and made it clear they would not enforce Biden’s anti-Second Amendment edicts. The same reality will likely occur if the 46th president is foolish enough to use executive action as an alternate route of implementing the Build Back Better Act.