Progressive Rage Against Biden Come To A Head

For quite some time, progressive annoyance with Biden has been simmering. During the earlier parts of the 46th president’s term, climate change activists demonstrated outside of the White House, demanding action on this matter.

Progressives argued that by Biden not taking what they deem as necessary measures on climate change, the president is gambling with their lives and leaving their future well-being up to chance.

Student loan debt is another issue where Biden’s gotten into hot water with his base. Progressives have been very clear that they want people to essentially be absolved of the loans they willingly took out from the government by their own volition.

Democrat Rep. Ayanna Pressley even went as far as to claim that student loan debt is a form of “violence” against individuals. Biden’s done with student loans is to extend the moratorium on loan payments. However, progressives want student loan debt done away with entirely.

As progressive rage against the president they voted for continues to simmer, it seems to have come to a head, as RedState points out.

In various interviews, Biden talked about the likelihood of him running for office again for a second term. In the president’s last statement on the matter, he announced he has every intention of going for another term, provided his health is up to par.

However, the path to re-election may not be as smooth-sailing as Biden expects. Due to progressives’ frustration with Biden’s leadership, they are steadily preparing for a Democrat to challenge him during the party’s 2024 primaries.

Political strategists for the Democrat Party are trashing Biden’s age and leadership while also vowing that a progressive candidate will strive to win the party’s nomination once Biden’s up for re-election.

The 46th president, meanwhile, has not publicly reacted to this. After all, he’s too busy screaming at people to get vaccinated and boosted while also withholding critical monoclonal antibody treatments from states that need them.

It’s a given that progressives intend to primary Biden during the 2024 White House race. However, the question of whether or not this progressive candidate would get enough support to send Biden packing is another matter altogether.

At this point, it could go either way. Biden would innately have this advantage in the Democrat Party as the incumbent president.

However, with his approval ratings falling so drastically, there could be enough left-wing voters who conclude that letting Biden run for a second term would doom their party.