Prices Of Gas Remain A Problem In Biden’s America

During the Trump Administration, the United States of America was richly blessed with energy independence.

Oil and gas drilling was permitted to take place as necessary. America also didn’t have to rely upon foreign entities for oil production. Being able to produce our resources here in the United States made all the difference in the world.

Of course, after Biden slithered his way into the Oval Office, he promptly went to work, undoing all the positive gains that America achieved in the sector of energy independence.

Biden cruelly condemned at least 11,000 people to the unemployment line in one of his first executive orders by whacking the Keystone Pipeline. Meanwhile, the 46th President has prevented domestic oil production, thus leading to the inevitable increase of energy and gas.

In light of these details, gas prices in the country are very much not where they ought to be, as the National Review points out.

At this time, the average cost for regular, unleaded gas comes out to about $3.34 for one lone gallon. However, when Biden first got into office, the average gas price was just $2.40.

Gas prices haven’t gone down in the winter, and there are two main reasons for this: inflation and a series of anti-energy moves from Biden.

Thanks to all the spending measures that Biden passed with the help of House and Senate Democrats last year, everything has become more expensive. Gas isn’t immune from this shift, especially when considering the President’s attacks on pipelines, oil drilling, and domestic production.

Towards the end of last year, when gas prices started getting higher, Biden dared to tap into the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Never mind that these oil supplies are meant for emergencies in the nation, such as war.

Conservatives rightfully panned Biden for doing this and later said it would decrease gas costs. If the President were serious about bringing down gas costs, he would lay off policies that attack energy.

Tapping into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is an unreliable, non-starter. It hasn’t gotten gas costs back down to $2.40.

The reality of gas prices being significantly higher than when Biden first got into office is all voters should remember during the November midterms.

By the time the midterms roll around, Biden will be close to the halfway mark of his presidency. We’re seeing now will continue if Republicans can’t take back Congress and put some checks and balances against this President.

Biden isn’t “building back better,” he’s putting the squeeze on Americans who are desperately in need of relief.