President Trump Hammers Corporate Media In New Documentary

A new documentary produced by Daily Wire and premiering this week titled “My Dinner with Trump” features President Donald Trump in a rare opportunity to see him interacting with some members of his most trusted inner circle. Among several topics discussed, Trump laments the work being done by the corporate media to damage the free speech rights of all Americans.

The show features a dinner at Trump’s golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, where the group is able to interact without any media filters or gatekeepers.

In discussing the damage being inflicted by the media, Trump at one point told former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson that ‘there has never been a time like this.” He said the media has become “shut, closed, not free, corrupt as can be, and probably scared.”

Trump added that it is now impossible to “get the word out unless you’re really good.”

The former president said that the media has never been as corrupt as it is now throughout all of American history. Carson added that many citizens are not aware of how far free speech restrictions can go without obvious or official government intrusion.

Carson’s statements came as new reports are surfacing of even greater FBI and other federal agencies’’ involvement in collaborating with social media giants Facebook and Twitter to stifle and censor conservative viewpoints in the name of “fighting disinformation.”

Carson said many people believe that freedom of speech can only be taken away by an act of the government. He added that “the fact of the matter is Big Tech and the media take it away with a complicit government is exactly the same effect.”

The dinner that is the subject of the documentary took place last year after President Trump was de-platformed by virtually every social media platform in operation under pressure from corporate media masters. The period marked the beginning of the ongoing effort by the media and Democrats to demonize Trump and all of his supporters with regard to the events of January 6, 2021.

Trump went on to say that the erosion of free speech through government and media collaboration is “the way communism starts.” He added, “We’re not going to let it happen.”