Pompeo: ‘Unimaginable’ Military Hid Chinese Balloon Intelligence From Trump

The Biden administration’s recent claims about Chinese spy balloons have created controversy and led to sharp reactions from former Trump administration officials. The Biden White House has stated that multiple Chinese spy balloons flew over the United States during former President Trump’s term but has refused to provide evidence to support this claim.

This has raised questions about the truth of the claims. Former CIA Director and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been one of the most prominent voices to refute the claim.

During a Monday appearance on Fox News, Pompeo said he was never aware of any Chinese spy balloons during his time in the Trump administration and added that he had talked to other officials previously on his teams, and they also knew nothing about it.

Pompeo expressed his confusion about the claims made by the Biden administration and called them an “effort to deflect” from criticism. He also stated that it would be unimaginable for such a significant event to have gone unnoticed and not disclosed to the political leadership in the White House, State Department or CIA.

Pompeo said: “I certainly never became aware that there was a three-bus-size floating device coming across our country for five days — either as CIA director or Secretary of State. I’ve talked to others who were on my teams, they don’t know anything about it either.”

“Frankly, it looks like an effort to deflect from what was a disastrous handful of days,” Pompeo added.

The Biden administration’s claims about Chinese spy balloons have raised two possible scenarios. First, the Biden administration is lying about the spy balloons to distract from criticism. The second, more concerning, possibility is that the military was aware of the spy balloons and kept the information a secret from President Donald Trump and his cabinet.

If the first scenario is true, it would not be the first time that the Biden administration has made false claims. However, if the latter scenario is true, it would raise serious questions about the military’s loyalty to the President and the integrity of the country’s national security system.

These concerns must be considered realistic in light of the revelations about former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, who was reported to have communicated with China’s People’s Liberation Army and “reassured” them about a potential attack by former President Trump.

It remains to be seen what evidence, if any, the administration will provide to support its claims and how the American public will respond to the situation if and when the truth is finally revealed.