Police Shoot Armed Man Attempting To Set Fire To French Synagogue

French police have shot and killed a man who was allegedly trying to burn down a synagogue in the city of Rouen. The incident occurred on the morning of May 17 2024.

The suspect was spotted on the roof of the synagogue armed with a knife and an iron bar. Eyewitnesses reported that he was “clearly trying to burn down the building” when police arrived on the scene.

Police say the man “rushed” towards officers in a threatening manner and was subsequently “neutralized” by gunfire. No other injuries were reported during the incident.

Rouen Mayor Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol tweeted that the attack and attempted fire had not only affected the Jewish community but had left the entire city “bruised and in shock.” He said the suspect had climbed onto a garbage container and thrown “a sort of Molotov cocktail” inside the synagogue causing “significant damage.”

France’s chief Rabbi Haïm Korsia praised the “reactivity” of the police and pledged to visit the synagogue soon to show support for the faithful. Elie Korchia president of the Central Consistory of France thanked the officers for averting “a new anti-Semitic tragedy in our country.”

The area around the synagogue remained cordoned off as investigations into the incident continued.