Piers Morgan: ‘Why Can’t I Identify As A Black Lesbian?’

During a recent episode of his popular show, British media personality Piers Morgan perfectly highlighted the absurdity of the left’s narrative surrounding transgenderism.

While sparring with leftist commentator and author Angelica Malin on “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” Morgan questioned the transgender narrative. Discussing the notion that men can simply declare themselves to be women, Morgan asked why he can’t just identify as a Black lesbian.

Malin prompted the comment when she argued that anyone who wants to be a woman can just self-identify as a woman.

“Why can’t I identify as a Black lesbian?” Morgan asked.

Malin responded by asserting that his suggestion would raise the issue to an “absurd status.”

However, Morgan asserted that the leftist narrative was already absurd — explaining that “by saying it is limitless” that would make it so that “anyone can say, ‘I’m a woman.’”

“So I simply ask you, why can’t I?” he asked.

Malin then responded with typical nonsensical left-wing talking points, claiming that

Morgan’s argument “ridicules trans people.”
Morgan continued to push back on her narrative though, arguing that Malin’s position already ridicules transgender people. He pointed out the obvious difference between individuals who actually undergo transgender surgeries and those who just declare themselves to be women while making little to no effort to appear female.

The British media personality stated that, while he has respect for those who undergo these surgeries, he does not respect people who identify as women without any effort and then insist on being given women’s rights and the ability to crush actual women in female sports.

“Happy International Women’s Day. I am a woman,” Morgan mocked while concluding the segment.

Many proponents of the left’s radical gender ideology have been using International Women’s Day to celebrate men masquerading as women — essentially erasing real women on a day meant to celebrate the achievements of women. Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs (D) and disgraced Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau both declared on the women-centered holiday that “trans women are women.”

The Biden administration also decided to join in on erasing women, honoring a man during the International Women of Courage Award ceremony.