Philadelphia Pizzeria Employee Fends Off Two Armed Robbers

Crime continues to skyrocket under the Biden administration, as it was recently reported that an alleged robber was fatally shot by a pizzeria employee in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Philadelphia Inquirer recently reported that two alleged robbers entered Philadelphia’s George’s Famous Pizzeria on Oxford Avenue around 8 p.m. They had been “wearing hooded sweatshirts and masks.”

One of the alleged robbers reportedly walked into the pizzeria wielding a handgun and proceeded to fire a round while trying to get behind the store counter. The pizzeria employee wasn’t going to allow the store to be robbed under his watch.

The employee later fired several shots at the alleged robber, who was pronounced dead 30 minutes after entering the pizzeria, as reported by Breitbart News.

6 ABC reported that the second alleged robber “fled from the pizza shop on foot.”

Police reported that because of the employee’s actions, no items were taken from the store and no injuries were reported other than the death of one of the alleged robbers.
A witness at the scene pointed out that he spoke to the employee, who said they were acting in self-defense.

“What I saw was a guy lying down on the ground. Blood. The owner’s son said he had to shoot him because the guy was shooting at him. Said he had to shoot back in self-defense,” Bill Hackett, who lives near the pizzeria, told 6 ABC.

The deceased suspect has not yet been identified by authorities, per the New York Post.

Police are currently reviewing security footage to try and identify the suspect who fled the scene.

The actions taken by the employee resemble the importance of the Second Amendment, which is being attacked by the left.

If Democrats, who argue that the Second Amendment is “not absolute” and favor the banning of so-called “assault weapons, had their way, the alleged robbers would have easily been able to rob the pizzeria and the employee, for all we know, could have been fatally shot.

The incident in Philadelphia is the latest example of a good guy with a gun preventing armed robbery, as reported by the Gateway Pundit.