Philadelphia Is About To Take A Big Loss

Across the nation, Americans are witnessing the disastrous outcomes of being soft on crime while also treating law enforcement like the enemy.

Democrats, against sound advice, decided to open up prisons, remove bail requirements, defund law enforcement, and treat criminals with kid gloves. To make matters worse, some left-wing district attorneys are even refusing to charge violent offenders in a court of law.

As a result of this, criminals have gotten the message that it’s open season for them to break laws with impunity. This is why so many left-wing communities are seeing robberies, homicides, sexual assaults, and burglaries rise.

In one left-wing city, it’s gotten so bad that a major convenience store is about to jump ship.

The End of WaWa in Philadelphia?
Many Americans are familiar with WaWa locations where they can buy gas and purchase drinks, snacks, and slushies. Though in the case of Philadelphia residents, this probably won’t last much longer.

Because of Philadelphia’s longstanding, dangerous crime epidemic, WaWa is holding off on plans to expand its locations in the community. In fact, after repeated episodes of robberies, many WaWa locations in the Democratic city have already shut their doors.

Higher-ups in WaWa confirmed behind the scenes that additional shutdowns are coming later down the line. At this point, it’s a matter of employee safety and practicability. If folks in Philadelphia are going to rob and loot stores, then there’s no point in the company having locations in the community.

By WaWa cutting the cord, Philadelphia will lose jobs and resources. Other leftist areas like Portland and New York City have also endured business closures resulting from high crime rates and mass homelessness.

The Legacy of Democratic Leadership
It’s no coincidence that crime is most problematic in cities where Democrats are running the show. Even to this day, there are still many within the party who have yet to acknowledge that crime is an issue in this country.

If Democrats are not defeated in the upcoming midterms, what’s happening in Philadelphia and other leftist cities will continue to spread into the rest of the country.

In order to keep crime low and contained, the right laws and backing for police need to be in effect. That means electing leaders who will prioritize law and order over coddling criminals.