Peter Navarro Says Fauci’s Passport Must Be Seized

Former White House trade adviser Peter Navarro is calling for Dr. Anthony Fauci’s passport to be taken away in response to news that the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) is planning to resign this year, coincidentally just before Republicans are expected to retake the House in January and investigate him.

Navarro, who used to battle with Fauci in the White House situation room during the Trump administration, is not only advocating for seizing the bureaucrat’s passport — he is also arguing to lock Fauci up for his role in the COVID pandemic.

Appearing on Newsmax’s “Eric Bolling: The Balance” on Monday, the former White House trade adviser discussed Fauci’s alleged crimes and other actions that should be investigated.

“He lied to Rand Paul, he lied to Congress, but the biggest lie, Eric, was a lie of omission, because in January 2020 at the dawn of the pandemic, Fauci knew that he had created literally a monster in Wuhan,” Navarro said.

“He did not tell the president,” he added. “He did not tell the task force. Instead, he got those people that he was giving grant money to create this fiction about this virus came from nature. It was a bunch of bull. And the corporate media bought this all the way, protected Fauci, protected Biden, and they use that to take Trump down.”

Navarro, who was arrested by force by the Department of Justice for alleged contempt of Congress — which centered around his refusal to violate former President Donald Trump’s claim of executive privilege — argued that Fauci must be held accountable for the coronavirus pandemic under his watch as director of the NIAID.

“That man is a criminal,” Navarro said regarding Fauci. “He belongs in an orange jumpsuit. Hey, look, I wound up in leg irons for doing my duty to the Constitution. I think Tony should at least wind up in leg Irons for helping to kill millions of people around the world.”

Over 6.4 million people globally have died with COVID, according to data from

Navarro went on to warn that Fauci, 81, is planning a vacation following his resignation from his government posts, which include director of the NIAID and chief medical adviser to the president, and argued that he may be a risk to flee the country for his remaining years.

“Take that SOB’s passport,” he said. “In his statement, he says he’s going away so he can travel. Well, look, he knows that the Republicans are going to take the House in November. By January, they’re going to be calling him up to the Hill to testify.”

“They’re going sit him down in those chairs,” Navarro continued. “He doesn’t want any part about it. He’s going to take an extended vacation. Maybe they’ll give him political asylum in communist China, but Tony Fauci, Eric, you’re absolutely right: This man did more damage to this world than any single man in the last century.”

“And he’s making a buck. You talk about those three-letter agencies, NIH, him and Francis Collins, who was running that agency, ran a scam on the Trump administration when they got that whole gain of function ban reversed and sent that money over there,” he explained.

“So, Tony, we knew you too much,” Navarro added.

The former trade adviser also discussed how he first met Fauci in the situation room during the infamous intense meeting at the White House which ultimately led Trump to ban travel to and from China.

“I met him, Eric, January 28, 2020 in the sit [situation] room — didn’t know he walked on water, didn’t know he was God,” Navarro told host Eric Bolling. “He opposed the China travel ban. I beat him on that. But I took his measure that day and he came up wanting, Eric.”

“That man is vacuous and dangerous,” he added.