Perfect Storm of Factors Responsible for the Coming Food Crisis

It has been almost 80 years since Americans have been seriously impacted by events abroad regarding the food supply but that is about to change.

The war in Ukraine is going to have a far-reaching impact beyond the geopolitical relationship between countries going forward. Russia is one of the world’s biggest exporters of fertilizer, and it has stated that only ‘friendly’ countries will be allowed to purchase Russian goods. The price of fertilizer has already gone up 300 percent which has immediate consequences for the price of food in the coming months.

In addition to rising production costs, Russia and Ukraine are huge wheat exporters. It is fair to say that there is zero planting going on in Ukraine now, and Russia will only export to non-western countries given the economic sanctions that are being imposed on Putin. Couple that with the fact that China is saying it is going to have its worst wheat harvest in history and you have the perfect storm to create wheat scarcity across the world.

There are things happening here at home that are impacting the food supply as well. There is a bird flu epidemic that is resulting in tens of millions of birds being culled. This includes egg-laying and chicken raised for meat. 13 million birds were killed in Iowa alone. There is also a drought in the western United States that is having some farmers claim that the domestic winter wheat harvest will be a disaster.

Food riots and rationing have already started in countries like Peru and Spain. Usually, you can depend on government officials to paint a rosy picture, regardless of what is happening, but that is not the case currently. Joe Biden has come out and said you can expect food shortages and has used the word ‘famine.’ Officials in France are openly saying that we should be prepared for a global food crisis. When the people in charge are not hiding problems forecasted for the future everyone should be worried.

There is no link in this article to survival foods or affiliate links to garden supplies. What that should tell you is that this is a warning call to every single person reading this that food scarcity is on the way. Plan accordingly.