Pennsylvania Governor’s ‘Attempt’ To Scapegoat Republicans Goes ‘Wrong’

Members of the Democrat Party have the pretty unfortunate habit of projecting and accusing others of what they are guilty of. We see this constantly in so many instances.

Case and point, Democrats often accuse Republicans of threatening democracy by raising questions about the 2020 presidential election. Yet, in the same breath, many Democrats also defended Biden for saying the November midterms wouldn’t be fair if Democrats don’t get to pass their “voting rights” bills.

As the decline of the Democrat Party continues, leftists are getting increasingly desperate. These days, they’re just throwing out anything and hoping it’ll eventually stick.

It is especially the case for Pennsylvania Democrat Governor Tom Wolf. Governor Wolf tried to fault the GOP for the collapse of a bridge in his state. However, as TheBlaze reports, this didn’t go over so well for the Democrat governor.

This past Friday, a Pittsburgh bridge ironically crumpled mere hours before Biden was supposed to arrive at the site and speak about the presumed merits of his new infrastructure law.

Governor Wolf’s response to the bridge crumbling was to declare that Republicans who voted against Biden’s spending package branded as “infrastructure” legislation were blamed. The Pennsylvania Governor interestingly neglected to condemn the Democrats in Congress who also voted against the bill for their reasons.

However, in Wolf’s attempt to get over the political right, a key fact disproved his narrative. As it turns out, the Forbes Avenue Bridge that Wolf referenced wasn’t even covered under the President’s legislation.

It looks like the Democrat governor should have done some research before making baseless accusations against Republican lawmakers.

The disproven, ungrounded argument from Tom Wolf merely speaks to one of many reasons why the Democrat Party is crumbling in 2022.

Democrats have lost credibility with the American people. For one thing, they’ve failed to live up to promises they made on the campaign trail. Some examples of these promises include Biden’s commitments to defeat COVID, unify America, and even “cure cancer.”

It is more than apparent that Democrats will say or do anything to grasp more power. They have no lines or limits they won’t cross. This power-hungry nature of today’s political left is all the more reason for them not to be in power.

Perhaps, Governor Wolf should worry about his state’s infrastructure issues instead of inaccurately blaming conservatives.