Pelosi’s Time In Power Approaches An Inevitable End

Since Joe Biden’s time in the White House this year, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been his biggest cheerleader. There hasn’t been a single move Biden’s made that the California Democrat hasn’t cheered for and called the greatest thing in the world.

Pelosi has no regard for the negative impacts the president’s plans will have on the nation. Remember, this is the same House Speaker who got on a podium and defended Biden’s intention to beef up the IRS with tools and resources to review the private banking transactions of Americans.

However, what’s most ironic now is that the very administration Pelosi has so heartily championed is now paving the way to her downfall in politics, according to Red State.

According to a poll from Rasmussen Reports, of America’s likely voters, only 38% favor Democrats, while a whopping 51% favor Republicans. One of the latest surveys going into the 2022 midterms provides insight into where the American public stands.

It gets even more interesting, though. Among the Independent voters in the country, 26% would vote for a generic Democrat. Meanwhile, 48% would vote for a generic Republican as more Americans realize that the Independent vote matters a lot and has the power to swing elections one way or another.

Overall, the American people are looking at what the Democrats have brought to the nation thus far. They’re deciding paying more money at the gas pump and at the places they shop for groceries isn’t worth it anymore.

As public safety becomes a problem in more communities across the nation, voters realize the danger and destruction that inherently follows defunding the police.

Multiple House Democrats have announced their intentions to seek retirement and not defend their seats in the upcoming elections. Meanwhile, several other House Democrats leave their posts to run in mayoral elections, governor’s races, and senatorial contests.

Now, House Republicans only need to win back five more seats to have the majority in the chamber again. When you consider redistricting on top of the many resignations from House Democrats, the GOP is all but assured to win.

If Republicans take back the House of Representatives, Pelosi will be voted out of her House speakership role. As things currently stand, the likeliest candidate to become the next House Speaker is Kevin McCarthy, the present House Minority Leader.

Now would be a perfect time for Pelosi herself to begin looking into retirement.