Pelosi’s Daughter Breaks Ranks and Challenges the Musk Twitter Narrative

The left has spent the last week going apoplectic with the development that Elon Musk has made a successful bid to take Twitter private. Besides the myriad of hit pieces suddenly appearing in the mainstream media, there have also been hints that musk may also be under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. These attacks show how seriously the deep state, and its captured institutions, treat the possibility they could lose control of the information narrative.

This sentiment was echoed in a tweet by Nancy Pelosi’s daughter no less.

It has been over a week and Christine Pelosi has not come out and claimed her account was hacked so she must have meant it. She is exactly right. The fact that the corporate press seeks the approval of the centers of power that it covers threatens the whole concept of a free press. Fear of losing favor or desire to parrot the preferred narrative weakens the entire purpose of the media. Namely, to provide accurate information to the populace who then in turn makes an informed choice when choosing its leaders.

The Department of Homeland Security ‘coincidentally’ revealed the existence of a new Disinformation Board this week. The board is designed to combat information in the public square deemed unacceptable by the regime in charge. Despite the immediate First Amendment concerns, the legacy media uniformly came out in support of the idea.

The reason for this is simple. Counter narrative information always comes from competitors. It is in the financial interest of CNN and MSNBC to squelch dissent because the only place you can find it is on alternative media sources. There has been an inversion of traditional roles where conservatives are the vanguard of free speech and liberals are rushing headlong toward government censorship with glee.

Much like when Trump became a disruptor on the political scene, Musk now seeks to do the same on the corporate media side. It is arguable that the purchase of Twitter could prove to be more impactful in the long-term. Presidents are limited by their time in office. Corporations are perpetual. A strong, free Twitter could be a thorn in the side of the establishment for a long time.