Pelosi Just Went Further Off The “Deep End”

About one week ago, Nancy Pelosi announced that she would be running for another term in Congress. The California Democrat has been in Congress since the late 1980s and is presently seeking a 19th term on Capitol Hill.

For a while, rumors surfaced that Pelosi would be retiring in light of the Democratic Party’s impending demise in the November midterms. However, this appears to have only motivated Pelosi to hang on for as long as she can.

Towards the end of 2021, Pelosi concerned many Americans with the increasingly unintelligible and slurred statements during press briefings. However, a recent decision from the House Speaker truly has the nation questioning what’s wrong with her, as RedState points out.

With Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address coming up next month, there’s not much good news he can talk about. Majorities of Americans disapprove of how he’s dealing with crime, immigration, gun violence, the economy, and more.

Meanwhile, new polls indicate that 50% of the country wants Biden impeached, and only 33% approve of him. All of these strikes against the current President could explain why Pelosi is now trying to limit the number of in-person attendees for his State of the Union address.

Right now, the House Speaker is moving to put a 25-person limit on the number of folks who can be in the room when Biden gives his address. It isn’t just talking, either. According to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Pelosi has already conveyed this standard.

McCarthy described this as a ludicrous decision, noting that Democrats ride on planes with more than 25 individuals on board.

Naturally, upon learning of the 25-person rule Pelosi plans to implement for Biden’s State of the Union Address, many people ask why.

Ultimately, the House Speaker’s underlying motivations boil down to the apparent mental impairment of the current President. In a nutshell, Pelosi is trying to minimize the damage by having as few in-person witnesses as possible. Never mind that Biden’s address will be nationally televised.

As Biden’s presidency has continued, his public speeches have been getting strangely and less coherent. He’s known to have shouting fits, swear at reporters, and then suddenly whisper at bizarre moments.

In all honesty, there’s no telling what State of mind Biden will be in by the time he’s up to give his State of the Union Address. Nevertheless, with Democrats controlling the federal government, the union is in greater peril than it’s ever been.