Parents Clash With LGBT Activists Outside California Elementary School

On Friday, a group of parents gathered at an elementary school in North Hollywood, California, to protest against a planned LGBT rally for children — where they clashed with radical LGBT activists.

The demonstration at Saticoy Elementary School turned confrontational after a small pride flag that was used as a decoration outside of a classroom was partially burnt. Police are now investigating the burnt flag, with school officials claiming it was being investigated as a “hate-motivated incident.” Protest organizers have stated that they had nothing to do with the burning of the flag.

Dozens of Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers attended the protest wearing tactical gear to provide security and keep the two sides of the demonstration apart.

During the event, parents were seen holding signs calling out the school for pushing LGBT ideology on children. One sign said, “STOP GROOMING OUR KIDS,” while some parents wore black and white t-shirts stating: “Leave our kids alone.”

According to local news outlet KCAL-TV, a fight broke out at the demonstration and several people were arrested. Video of the fight was shared on Twitter:

Other footage of the opposing demonstrations was also shared on social media, which showed the two sides facing off.

During a previous interview, one of the parents who attended the protest explained why he was opposed to the LGBT event.

“We respect everyone, but some things are appropriate for children that age, and some things are not,” said George Dzhabroyan. “Hopefully the message gets across and people understand that parents should be the primary contact of what their children should be exposed to and shouldn’t be exposed to.”

Another parent, Jack Satamian, explained that he was keeping his children home from school on the day of the event.

“I didn’t bring them into this world for a teacher to explain to them what is gay, or what two men or two women do, some certain things should be left to the parents to decide whether they want their kids to be exposed to it or not — at least at a certain age,” Satamian said.

One parent at the demonstration declared that they had decided to pull their child out of the school — calling on the other parents to join him.

The planned LGBT rally for students included a reading from “The Great Big Book of Families,” which describes alternative family structures such as gay and lesbian families. LGBT activists at the demonstration have accused parents who are opposed to the rally of inciting “hatred” against others. The school district has stated that the LGBT rally was voluntary, noting that any parent could opt their child out of attending.