Parental Rights Have Never Been More Imperative

In the United States today, parental rights are under attack in ways they’ve never been. Democrats today are outrightly declaring that parents don’t have any rights to a say-so in what happens in their children’s education.

Democrat candidates have been saying openly that parents who want to control their children’s education need to put their kids in private school. Meanwhile, other leftists state that parents aren’t the clients of school systems, but rather “the community” is the client.

With all that’s happening in the world, it is more imperative than ever for parents to have a say in what their children are learning. It is something pointed out in great detail by The Federalist.

The left is moving to make the public believe that children are “community property” rather than belonging to their parents. MSNBC expressly stated this. However, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Parents, not “the community,” have the right to know and determine what is happening in their children’s lives. “The community” does not have the right to override what parents believe is best for their kids.

Parental rights are also necessary as various institutions educate children to indoctrinate children. Different left-wing teachers are taking it upon themselves to force left-wing viewpoints upon impressionable minds. They have kids pledge allegiance to the LGBTQ+ flag rather than the flag of the United States.

It is a genuine problem when teachers shift from educating children to outrightly indoctrinating them. It also further drives home the need for parental rights and parents’ ultimate say in what happens in their children’s lives.

The Democrat Party’s interest in freezing parents out of their kids’ education pushes to make a nanny state the law of the land.

Thankfully, parents have allies in Republicans and conservatives. The political right is determined to uphold the rights of parents to be involved in the lives of their children.

Likewise, conservatives are holding the line against both indoctrination and leftists’ endgame of turning the United States into a nanny state where “the community” has the final say-so over children’s lives.

As the midterm elections get closer and closer, all Americans need to remember which party sought to erode parental rights and which party stood with parents through thick and thin.