Outgoing NYC Mayor Remains As Tone-Deaf As Ever

Leftist cities are known for having crime problems. At this point, things in these mismanaged communities are not getting any better. Democrat leaders continue to treat criminals with kid gloves. Meanwhile, they’ve passed policies that interfere with law-abiding Americans being able to defend themselves.

New York City is one prime example. The crime rates there have been an issue for quite some time. Yet, the city’s residents continue to elect Democrat officials who do absolutely nothing to get a handle on crime or restore law and order. It’s a sorry situation.

However, recent remarks from outgoing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat, show he’s as tone-deaf as ever, Breitbart News confirms.

On the night of Wednesday, two police officers working in the Bronx suffered gunshot wounds. However, both officers are receiving medical care and are thankfully likely to survive.

The individual believed to have injured these police officers wound up in a shootout and has quite a long rap sheet. Furthermore, the New York Police Department commissioner says the individual illegally obtained this gun via theft in Georgia and met the standards of a “career criminal.”

Now, Mayor de Blasio had some comments about this situation while speaking to the media. According to the Democrat mayor, the problem here is an overabundance of firearms. De Blasio also made sure to lament that an “out of state” gun was responsible for the carnage in New York City.

The outgoing New York City mayor’s remarks about firearms speak to leftists’ absolute delusions regarding these weapons.

The problem isn’t gunning themselves. The problem is that in New York City, there weren’t laws on the books to incarcerate someone with a rap sheet, a person the NYPD commissioner described as a “career criminal.”

At this point, the Democrat Party is willingly obtuse when it comes to firearms. They are also intentionally oblivious about the importance of not treating criminals with kid gloves.

New York City’s refusal to take a firm stance on crime is what ultimately led to the aforementioned officers being shot and later hospitalized.

Unfortunately, not much is likely to change in this part of the country. As long as Democrats continue to lie to themselves about the root causes of crime, it will only fester and thrive. Mayor de Blasio continues to be a part of the problem rather than the solution.