Oregon’s ‘Menstrual Dignity Act’ Puts Free Tampons In Boys’ Bathrooms

Beginning this fall, Oregon public schools will feature free tampons and instructions for use posted in all bathrooms — including those for boys.

Last July, Democratic Gov. Kate Brown signed into law the “Menstrual Dignity Act.” This legislation requires every K-12 system to provide the free products in all PPS education building bathrooms, including male, female, and all-gender.

The Department of Education dispersed “Menstrual Dignity for Students” toolkits to schools statewide with instructions for use and tips for “menstruation-positive language.” Examples are “menstruating students” instead of “girls” and “menstrual products” to replace “feminine hygiene products.”

State guidance also encourages teachers to use language such as “someone with a uterus or ovaries” instead of the traditional girls or women.

The instructions support menstrual dignity for “transgender, intersex, nonbinary, and two spirit students.” It goes on to promote assistance for students experiencing “gender dysphoria during menstruation.”

One TikTok video shot earlier this month shows a functioning dispenser already in a boy’s bathroom. The law states schools must be in compliance by June 2023, but some already are. Portland city schools recently ordered 500 dispensers.

In an interview last month with Oregon Public Broadcasting, Oregon Department of Education head Colt Gill explained the act’s purpose. He said it is to help school districts support all students and “what pronouns they choose to use at school.”

State officials cite numbers from a similar New York City initiative that report a 2.4% increase in school attendance after the dispensers were installed. The numbers did not clarify if the increased attendance was from girls or boys.

Also combating what advocates call “period poverty,” over 20 states now have removed sales taxes on menstrual products. Reformers say the combination of financial difficulties, stigma, and lack of education form barriers for access to needed products.

The wave of woke silliness sweeping the nation would be funny if it were not aimed directly at children. What is meant to be helpful by misguided advocates is instead an affront to basic common sense and should be kept far away from impressionable kids.