Opponents Of Joe Manchin Are Getting ‘Truly Desperate’

Despite being a Democrat, Sen. Joe Manchin has demonstrated that he has common sense and awareness of at least some of what’s good for the country. The West Virginia senator has continuously stood firm against pressure from his party to back radical legislation and procedures.

Manchin refused to vote for the Build Back Better Act, citing the legislation as too costly and therefore “dead.” Likewise, the moderate Democrat has resisted his radical counterparts’ insistence upon ripping down the Senate filibuster.

It has made the Democrat Party livid with Manchin. First, they tried spreading lies about the West Virginia lawmaker betraying his constituents. However, residents of the Mountain State remain very forthcoming with their approval of how Manchin’s doing in office.

In light of this, the Democrat Party is now using negative attack ads against Manchin, hoping for the worst possible outcome, as Fox News reports.

Democrats from Ohio, Vermont, and other states are using Instagram and Facebook as the vehicles to peddle negative ads against Manchin.

These ads essentially stick to the same script and narratives in one way or another. They maintain that Manchin is stringing along with Democrats, not doing his job properly, etc. Leftists have likewise been directly trashing the moderate in their party over his vote against the Build Back Better Act.

However, Manchin isn’t taking this rolling over. When Democratic-socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders articulated support for primarying Manchin, the latter didn’t back down.

According to the West Virginia Democrat, he’s repeatedly faced primary challenges and never ran unopposed. Manchin then dared Sanders or anyone considering primarying him in 2024 to “bring it on.”

It isn’t Manchin’s first time shooting back against attacks from his party. After blocking the Build Back Better Act in 2021, the West Virginia senator declared the White House mistakenly believed they could pressure him into submission.

What Democrats don’t understand about their attacks against Manchin is the inherently futile nature of these attacks.

Time after time, surveys show that West Virginia voters support Manchin backing the filibuster and support him opposing Build Back Better. Back in 2021, residents of the Mountain State warned the Build Back Better Act would have a very negative impact on their economy, childcare services, etc.

The more desperate Democrats get, the more sloppy they become. These attack ads aren’t having any meaningful impacts whatsoever.