Only 1% of Americans Say Climate Change is Their Top Fear

As man-made climate change rhetoric continues to be pushed by Democrats, a poll showed surprising results on Americans’ thoughts on the topic.

A poll conducted by the New York Times and the Sienna College Research Institute showed that only 1% of American participants said climate change is the top problem affecting the United States.

The highest percentage at 20%, said that the economy is currently the biggest problem. Another 15% said that inflation was the most significant threat.

The biggest demographic at 29% to list the economy as the top concern were Republicans. Hispanics were ranked high at 28% – agreeing with Republicans.

No Hispanics said climate change was the most significant threat to the country. As heat waves have been striking a large portion of the U.S., it seems surprising that so few people are buying into the climate change agenda.

The liberal news publication site, The New York Times, had to comment on the surprising polls to try and save face. Confusion at the poll results seemed to baffle liberals due to their strong climate change beliefs.

“Even among voters under 30, the group thought to be most energized by the issue,” the Times reported, “that figure was 3 percent.”

Trying to explain it away, the Times said that the only explanation had to be that people who were too distracted by the economy to realize the supposed significant climate change threat.

The Times added a quote from former Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) saying, “In healthier economic times, it’s easier to focus on issues like this [climate change]. Once people get desperate, all that goes out the window.”

Despite the climate constantly changing since as far back as records show, the liberal agenda to push their theory of man-made climate change continues to grow.

Even though the poll numbers were not in climate change theorists’ favor, the Times still focused on pushing its narrative. The outlet took up half of the first part of the article to talk about the alleged “climate crisis.”

It appears that Americans are waking up and pushing back on what most liberals claim is the most important thing people should focus on. But, as the climate change debate rages, the movement’s future remains unknown.