‘Once Again:’ Democrats Fail To Deliver In Virginia

For quite some time, all eyes in America have been on Virginia’s governor’s race. This time, Republican Glenn Youngkin is taking on Democrat Terry McAuliffe to become Virginia’s next governor. 

For years, Democrats have had the luxury of winning elections in the commonwealth. Republicans have struggled and lost elections, but all of that could be changing on Tuesday, November 2. 

At this time, polls have shifted, with Youngkin taking the lead over his leftist opponent. Other polls indicate the GOP candidate is winning support with Independent voters, which could take him across the finish line on Election Day. 

McAuliffe is doing all he can to prevent Youngkin from defeating him in the Virginia governor’s race. However, Twitchy documents the Virginia Democrat’s efforts might only be backfiring. 

On Friday, McAuliffe got Vice President Kamala Harris to come to Virginia to rally for him. The vice president’s arrival to Virginia on McAuliffe’s behalf comes as he falls in the polls. 

While on stage, Harris put on an upbeat demeanor and tried to encourage McAuliffe supporters to vote. However, despite her best efforts, telling the crowd to “meet up” with their friends at the poll during early voting times, Harris didn’t get an enthusiastic response in return. Only a few people in the crowd halfheartedly said, “yeah.” 

A lack of enthusiasm for McAuliffe has been a recurring theme in his campaign, as of late. Many political analysts have pointed this out, noting how the Virginia Democrat will need a miracle to get people excited about his campaign again. 

Videos of Harris trying and failing to rile up McAuliffe’s supporters have made the rounds on social media. Many Americans mocked the footage, stating the vice president’s attempts to generate enthusiasm made them cringe. 

Throughout his campaign to be governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin has been principled and consistent. He’s communicated his vision with Virginians and let them know he will prioritize freedom, education, public safety, and a host of other critical issues. 

McAuliffe is very fearful of Youngkin at this point. That’s why the Democrat went on Facebook and used fake ads to spread lies about Youngkin. However, this hasn’t stopped the Republican candidate’s momentum. 

In the end, America will know what happens in Virginia on Tuesday. But, Terry McAuliffe shouldn’t get his hopes up about winning the governor’s race from the looks of things.