Omicron Variant Leaves The Biden Administration In Freefall

During the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden primarily ran on the vow to “shut down” COVID. He also spent quite a bit of time talking about how terrible Trump was, claiming that the number of COVID deaths that happened under the Trump presidency should disqualify him from being president.

Now, less than one full year into Biden’s presidency, the number of Americans who have died from COVID outnumber those who passed during Trump’s time in the White House. With Biden in the White House, there are also two new strains of COVID: Omicron and Delta.

As it becomes more and more apparent that Biden will not, in fact, “shut down” COVID as he promised, the White House is now working out ways to rework its messaging regarding the virus, as confirmed by PJ Media.

Judging from the health officials who are now screaming that “death” and “illness” is coming as a result of omicron, it’s apparent there aren’t enough vaccines, boosters, or face masks in the world to “shut down” the virus.

Therefore, some aides to Joe Biden are now changing the White House’s messaging to one about the “severity” of COVID cases, rather than just the quantity of cases altogether.

The Biden Administration will shift the narrative so that hospitalizations and deaths are the primary metrics individuals consider when discussing COVID.

As it turns out, it seems that Biden and his aides are realizing that no matter how much they fearmonger and try to push through unlawful, tyrannical medical mandates, it won’t make COVID go away.

However, there’s another more excellent reason why the White House is now shifting its tone regarding COVID.

Biden aides are working to move the public messaging from the number of cases to the severity of cases because this is politically advantageous. The pandemic has arguably gotten worse under Biden’s watch.

Blue states with mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and vaccine passports still report new infections and cases. Biden has relied heavily on mandates. They haven’t panned out well, nor have they led to the demise of COVID. Therefore, the White House wants to make Americans shift their attention elsewhere.

The people of this great nation must never forget the tyrannical measures the Biden administration has tried to pull in the name of “shutting down” COVID.