Omicron COVID Strain Has Leftists Running Scared

Over the weekend, Americans heard all about the omicron strain of COVID. Despite all the lockdowns, vaccinations, mask mandates, and other restrictions, it is a new variant that is now making its way worldwide.

Amid news of yet another COVID variant, many Americans weighed in with their thoughts. Some people questioned the legitimacy of this variant and whether it’s just another excuse the government will use to control people and then claim it’s all about public health.

All in all, Americans are getting tired of playing this game. It’s been nearly two years of health officials continuously moving the goalposts on what needs to happen to “stay safe.” Already, there’s talk of Pfizer coming out with a new vaccine for the omicron variant.

However, the mainstream media is now worried that the emergence of this new variant could put a dent into the 46th president’s plan, as reported by TheBlaze.

Over the weekend, the Wall Street Journal opined that Biden hasn’t done any better than Trump regarding getting a hold on COVID. This claim was presented with data showing more COVID deaths have happened this year under Biden than last year under Trump.

NBC News had another spin on the matter, saying Biden must use the omicron variant as a weapon against Republican state leaders who oppose mandates. This network also said there’s a possibility the omicron strain could reveal that vaccinated individuals have more protection than their unvaccinated counterparts. However, this ultimately remains to be seen.

Yet another news site, ABC News, described the timing of the omicron variant, stating it could hurt the president and the Democrat Party as midterm elections approach.

All in all, it couldn’t be more apparent Democrats are terrified about the political ramifications of this new COVID strain. However, when you dig beneath the surface, you’ll realize Democrats are not being fully honest about the reasons behind their concerns.

Here is the truth of the matter: when Biden was running for the presidency last year, he said he would “defeat” coronavirus. Biden declared Trump had no plan and that if Americans elected Biden to be president, he’d usher in a new era, free of COVID.

Biden has not done this, and the omicron variant is merely another glaring reminder of this president failing to make good on his promise. During speeches, no amount of mask mandates, vaccine mandates, or shouting at unvaccinated people has defeated COVID.

It’s becoming plain as day to see Biden doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing or how to lead the nation appropriately. Leftists are just scared that Americans will wake up to this reality and vote Republicans back into power.