Olympian BRUTALLY Assaulted in Broad Daylight Begs for LA to Crack Down on Crime

Former Olympic volleyball player Kim Glass spoke out in an appearance on Fox News after she was brutally attacked by a homeless man with a metal pipe in downtown Los Angeles, pleading for something to be done about the rampant crime in the California city.

Glass, a former Olympian who won a silver medal in 2008, was injured in an unprovoked attack by a repeat offender who was out on parole despite felony charges in 2018 and 2019.

Following the incident, Glass described the brutal attack in a video posted to Instagram, telling her followers that she had been out with a friend and had just left a restaurant when she noticed a homeless man acting strangely. The man then ran up to her as she was saying goodbye to her friend and threw a metal pipe at her face.

“Before I knew it, a big metal bolt, like a pipe, hit me in my face,” Glass said on the Instagram video.

“It happened so fast, he literally flung it from the street, he was not even close to me at all,” she added, describing her attacker as having “hateful eyes.”

Glass, who was a Sports Illustrated model and a public speaker as well as a former volleyball star on the U.S. Olympic team, said that bystanders were able to hold the attacker down until police arrived at the scene.

During her appearance on Fox News, Glass pointed out that she is not the only victim — asserting that she is just a high-profile victim who is one of the only ones getting attention because of her status as an Olympian.

“There’s been other victims around Los Angeles and it keeps on happening,” she said. “Everyone’s paying attention to me because I’m an Olympian, right, but… the other victims haven’t been vindicated. Every time someone’s being let out on the street, again and again, they’re doing a disservice. And they’re pretty much saying that these victims’ traumas were in vain.”

“At this point, what’s the answer, you know? Because … everything that they’re doing right now, it’s not working. There needs to be a change,” she added.