O’Keefe ‘Stripped’ Of Authority And ‘Removed’ At Project Veritas

James O’Keefe, who founded Project Veritas in 2010 and built it to become a powerful force in exposing leftist misdeeds, has been forced out of his company.

The journalist announced on President’s Day that he was “removed” by the organization’s board and held “no position here based upon what the board has done.” He said he’s been stripped of authority as CEO.

O’Keefe related his resignation on camera in a markedly similar manner to how he dragged liberals into the light for over a decade. He said that journalism is the process of “reporting things powerful people want kept hidden for the wrong reasons.”

He announced that he was packing up his belongings and exiting the building. O’Keefe noted the controversy surrounding his ouster from leadership, saying that there is a “human cost” to success that includes “responsibilities, burdens, trials, hardships, (and) difficult decisions.”

The founder said that Project Veritas has been on an “upward trajectory” until very recently.

The point of change, O’Keefe alleged, came in the last three weeks and paralleled the recent expose of Pfizer. He called it the “biggest story in our organization’s history” and noted that the video hit 50 million views globally.

Then, out of the blue, an “unusual emergency” took place within just a few days. Much in the way that left-wing hypocrisy has been exposed for years by the group, O’Keefe showed alleged text messages and other communications that bounced back and forth among board members.

His account, as could be expected, varied significantly from that of the remaining leadership of Project Veritas. There have been much-publicized rumblings in recent days of O’Keefe’s supposedly harsh management style.

One notorious allegation claimed he “stole a pregnant woman’s sandwich in federal court.”

Last week, the board asserted that its founder was merely taking some time off. O’Keefe countered this claim and reported that the board had already slashed his authority to run the organization.

The journalist affirmed that his personal mission will continue, though “it may be no longer called Project Veritas.” He sent a not-too-subtle message to those remaining loyal within the company that “you know how to find me.”

And while it may carry on with a new name, there is no uncertainty that the calling of O’Keefe’s future endeavor, whatever it is named, will live on.