Oil and Gas Leases Are Being Blocked By the Biden Administration

American energy independence matters greatly in this country. Pipelines, along with oil and gas leases, play a huge role in the United States being able to produce its own energy. Domestic energy production also saves America from having to rely on enemy nations for oil and gas.

Sadly, US energy independence has been largely gutted by Joe Biden and his administration. With pipelines shut down and oil and gas leases blocked, the nation’s ability to produce its own energy is much lower than it needs to be.

Unfortunately, energy problems of this nature won’t be letting up anytime soon. The Biden administration has just implemented new blocks against oil and gas leases.

A Dark Day For America’s Energy Independence
Before the intervention of the Biden administration, two sales of oil and gas leases were set to go through. They would have taken place in the Gulf and Mexico and Alaska. However, that’s all null and void at this time.

Citing “court rulings” that conflict with these lease sales, the US Interior Department said both lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico would not go through. In regards to Alaska, the Interior Department stated there wasn’t enough “industry interest” as it regarded oil and gas leases.

These decisions by the Biden administration certainly don’t come at a great time. While oil and gas leases continue to be blocked, the same applies to the Keystone XL pipeline.

Biden’s been called to lift his ban on the pipeline, along with getting out of the way of oil and gas leases; yet, he refuses.

Horrible News For Everyday Americans
Between inflation and the current costs of gas, anything that would even remotely reduce prices would bring about relief to the American public.

As oil and gas leases, along with pipelines, continue to be ignored, the Biden administration repeatedly harps on the merits of driving electric vehicles.

The reality is that electric vehicles are not affordable to most Americans. Also, in recent weeks, it’s come out that multiple electric vehicle charging stations in California are not even functioning properly.

Oil, gas, and pipelines are vital resources that help benefit US society as a whole. However, the current administration continues working to steer clear of these resources.

That’s made evident in the push for electric vehicles, solar panels, “clean energy” and the anti-fossil fuel agenda. The sooner America can return to energy independence, functioning pipelines, and oil and gas leases, the better off the country will be.