NYT: Abortion Supporters’ Woke Words Ignore Women

The New York Times, of all places, now admits the absurdities of so-called inclusive language, if only in the ongoing abortion debate. A recent article takes to task the incredibly swift changes to the language that pointedly exclude real women.

The American Civil Liberties Union loves to trot out its list of groups that are “disproportionately affected” by abortion bans. They include ethnic and racial minorities, immigrants, young people, the disabled, and the economically challenged.

And the LGBT community. Women are not listed, but the LGBT community is. That’s the sad state of affairs the woke language police have brought us to.

In a startling defense of woke terminology, a recent study found that those who identify as lesbians have half as many pregnancies as heterosexual women. Even the New York Times is confused.

As the Times notes, we no longer have pregnant women, as they are replaced by “pregnant people” and “birthing people.” The Biden administration chose the latter in the White House’s 2022 fiscal year budget.

However, the president — perhaps accidentally — backslid into using “women” while defending abortion after the recent leak of a Supreme Court draft over the issue.

Distinguished British medical journal “The Lancet” featured a cover story last year concerning “bodies with vaginas.” The backlash was vicious and the editor posted a lengthy apology.

Medical professionals in the U.K. are under pressure to say “human milk” instead of “breast milk.” When women absolutely must be mentioned, it may be in phrases such as “women-identified people.”

The Guttmacher Institute, a pro-abortion advocacy group, says that in 2017 roughly 500 transgender or non-binary Americans had abortions. That’s out of what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports were 609,095 total abortions that year.

In other words, women had 99.9% of the procedures. But in 2022, defenders of abortion are aghast at actually calling them “women.”

Speaking of the CDC, the agency has a guide called “Care for Breastfeeding People.” The American Cancer Society, presumably focused on the nation’s health and not terminology, advises cancer screenings for “people with a cervix.”

Denying the existence of women is being recognized even by some leftists and feminists as a step too far. An incredibly small fringe should not have the authority to erase 50.8% of Americans just so everyone can play along with their make-believe. The Times is right on this one.