NYC Democratic Mayor Gets An Earful From First Responders

Democrats have gotten besides themselves when it comes to COVID vaccine mandates. These leftists believe they can play God and declare anyone who refuses a COVID vaccine cannot work, support themselves, enter public spaces, or even get a necessary organ transplant, in some cases. 

Enough is enough. Every day, more Americans are standing up and saying no to these burdensome mandates. Southwest Airlines did it by walking off the job, causing their company to lose $75 million within days. Shortly after these demonstrations, Southwest walked back their original plan to let go of any unvaccinated employees. 

In New York City, city workers and first responders have been told they’ll lose their jobs if they don’t consent to Mayor de Blasio’s ridiculous and tyrannical vaccine mandate. Earlier this week, these workers gave the Democrat mayor a piece of their mind, as Breitbart News has documented. 

On Thursday, first responders, city workers, and other patriots gathered outside the home of Mayor de Blasio. These peaceful demonstrators chanted “USA,” “my body, my choice,” and “we do not consent.” 

Many demonstrators were also seen holding Trump flags, America flags, and libertarian flags. Furthermore, the images and videos of the protests went viral on social media, with countless Americans across the United States sharing their support. 

Additional chants from the protesters warned the NYC mayor they would not comply with his horrific and authoritarian edict. Thursday’s protests followed similar demonstrations on Monday where people marched across the Brooklyn Bridge to protest not just Mayor de Blasio but also President Biden. 

Thus far, Mayor de Blasio has made no indication he plans to back down from the mandate. The Democrats even had the gall to declare these folks will eventually cave when they realize they aren’t getting paychecks. 

Since then, reports have surfaced that New York is preparing for significant drops in available first responders. Furthermore, images are surfacing on social media of trash piling up on the streets and the city lacking essential services. 

All in all, these mandates are not sustainable. Despite putting on a solid front, Mayor de Blasio knows this. The NYC mayor previously suggested there are contingency plans in case of massive resignations and firings; however, de Blasio has not gone into the details of what these contingency plans entail. 

Thus far, it appears de Blasio is simply counting on these city workers to fold and get the COVID vaccine. Hopefully, these brave patriots will hold the line and refuse to bow to tyrants.