NY Robbery Suspect Caught Thanks To His Unique Underwear

A New York man’s unique choice in underwear led to his arrest for an armed robbery he had committed with two other individuals.

Fathy Hussein, 30, was arrested at his home in Queens by members of the New York Police Department-Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms joint task force. He participated in the robbery while on probation for a weapons violation, according to police.

The robbery, which was caught on surveillance video, occurred a little before 6:00 p.m. at a tobacco shop in Queens on September 14. The video shows three masked men getting out of a black Mazda 3 Sedan with missing hubcaps and entering the shop.

According to investigators, the two accomplices pointed guns at the shop’s employees while Hussein ran behind the counter and robbed the register of its money. The trio left with about $3,000 in cash, $1,000 worth of CBD and marijuana products, and the employees’ cell phones.

Prosecutors stated that Hussein wore distinctive clothes that were captured on video both inside and outside the shop.

While he was careful to hide his face, he unfortunately left his pants hanging down, displaying his unique underwear. The camera captured the pattern of his underwear, which had a large white letter “R” and yellow text reading “1990.”

According to detectives, the suspects tried to sell the stolen items later in a nearby part of Queens. An anonymous tip led detectives to discover Hussein’s identity through his Instagram account.

Security camera footage from that location showed Hussein wearing the same underwear, prompting police to go out and arrest him.

The unusual arrest led to Hussein being the butt of many jokes on social media.

He was released Wednesday on $75,000 bond and home confinement.

Police are still searching for the other two accomplices, one of which was wearing a “scream” mask from the horror movie franchise.