North Carolina Teacher Explains How CRT Is Stealth Taught

A North Carolina teacher spilled the beans on how educators are getting away with teaching White privilege and Critical Race Theory (CRT) to children under their parents’ noses.

Accuracy in Media posted a telling undercover video of teachers explaining their sleight of hand to get around community protests. One of those interviewed was Rockingham County educator Sherry Barnett.

She boasted that the system has not suffered “any major complaints about what’s being taught…Yes it’s wording. Yeah. Because, in this area, if you say ‘privilege’ it does immediately give some people that negative feeling.”

Barnett said the system dealt with irate parents a few years ago so now teachers “are very careful with wording.” The House passed a landmark bill in March that prohibited racial topics that are taught in a way intended to impart guilt on young people for actions of the past.

The measure, which was previously vetoed, passed the legislative body 68-49 in a vote that mirrored party lines. It has yet to become state law.

It does not specifically mention CRT. However, it specifically bans teaching that the U.S. government is “inherently racist” or was constructed to perpetuate the oppression of a specific race or gender.

North Carolina schools would be required to notify the state a month in advance of hosting a diversity training session or a guest speaker who previously spouted CRT ideology.

Though it is difficult to imagine how opponents find their justification, Democrats unified to oppose banning teaching subject matters that put blame on “whiteness” and other divisive themes.

Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper asked lawmakers to not “make teachers rewrite history.”

This echoed the defense that many on the left launched in trying to drum up support for teaching CRT. Without evidence, they claimed that prohibiting teaching White privilege and that the U.S. was founded on racism will deny students “true” history.

Of course, the emergence of slavery in the early colonies through its eradication in the 19th century is well taught across the nation. But that’s not enough for the left, which is increasingly bent on teaching the notion that the U.S. is fundamentally evil.

Eighteen states have set logical limits on how race and gender may be approached to the captive classroom audience. Ten others, including North Carolina, are considering doing the same.