‘Nonbinary’ Men Overrun Job Fair Intended For Women

The silliness of men self-identifying as women was on full display at a major job conference for women that was crashed by hundreds of supposedly “nonbinary” attendees. And the organizers have only themselves to blame.

The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing was staged in Orlando during the last weekend of September. Thousands attended with the lure of high-paying tech jobs waiting on them.

Unfortunately, woke organizers decided to make the event “nonbinary friendly.” This led to chaos.

Hundreds of men are believed to have either identified as “nonbinary” or selected “prefer not to answer” on forms to gain admission.

Real women who attended wrote on LinkedIn of being shoved out of lines by these men. One woman said, “On top of that these men are acting like zoo animals, sprinting to the booths, and physically hurting the attendees.”

Nandini Agarwal reported, “Instead of feeling inspired and energized, I feel drained and overwhelmed. I missed half the day! I want a refund, worst experience ever!”

Another woman asserted the job fair was ruined by “rude, disrespectful and female-attacking men.” Still others reported being hit on, having their hair pulled, harassed and even groped by the men in attendance.

Some critics charged that many of the “nonbinary” attendees were not 100% truthful about their lifestyle. Some, they said, merely “finessed” the system by pretending.

“Most” or “all” would be a better description.

Tickets for the gathering cost as much as $1,300. Its website told job seekers to “prepare to be immersed in a vibrant atmosphere of growth at GHC 23, the world’s largest gathering of women and nonbinary technologists.”

The conference organizer, AnitaB, admitted that the event was beset by issues and said the situation was being investigated.

President Bo Young Lee said “many of you are feeling unsafe, physically and psychologically, and you’re feeling unheard.” She said organizers tried to produce a “safe space” but were faced by the “outside world.”

A safe space for who exactly? Certainly not for the women in attendance who wanted to gain entry into the high-tech field. By allowing biological males to invade their space, the organizers set themselves up to fail at the very thing in which they attempted to succeed.