Newsom’s Claim Of California’s ‘Free State’ Status Sparks Mockery

As the second Republican presidential debate was getting underway at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California, Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom posted an online welcome to the candidates. Being who he is, he could not resist throwing out a blatant falsehood.

Newsom wrote, “Welcome to the freedom state.” He then listed several aspects that leftists believe make the Golden State an attractive place to live.

Of course, California is hemorrhaging residents and losing congressional seats, but never let the facts get in the way of a good argument. As most well know, the state is likely the most intensely regulated of any in the nation.

It is the poster child for homelessness and drug addiction. The state subsidizes horrific late-term abortion as well as the butchering of gender-confused minors.

California punishes doctors who have the nerve to question the government’s COVID-19 narrative. And state residents are burdened with the country’s fifth-highest tax rate.

It did not take long for reasonable people to point out the idiocy of the radical governor’s comment.

Actor Kevin Sorbo posted, “Weird, I don’t remember there ever being a time people fled from democracy. You must have a different definition.”

Fellow actor Dean Cain simply shared a GIF of a person howling with laughter.

Columnist Gabriella Hoffman noted the state’s mass exodus. “If there’s so much freedom in California, why have millions of us — who were born and raised there — left for actual freedom-minded states. Politicians like this guy RUINED my home state and have made it unlivable.”

Conservative radio host Erick Erickson observed “if California were a free state, people would not be fleeing. This is all very East German.”

Republican Florida governor and presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis will debate Newsom in a forum on Fox News on Nov. 30. DeSantis is currently second in the GOP running for the nomination but trails former President Donald Trump by a wide margin.

Newsom was subject to a recall election in 2021. He survived that move to oust him before easily winning reelection last year. There are rumblings which he has done little to quiet that Democrats may turn to him if they are able to purge President Joe Biden from next year’s ticket.