New York is Not Happy About Receiving Illegal Immigrants

In Joe Biden’s America, illegal immigration is one of the leading problems in this country. Border states like Texas are seriously bearing the brunt of unfettered crossings.

According to Gov. Greg Abbott (R), Texas is facing thousands of new migrants every single day. After repeatedly calling for the federal government to get the border under control, all to no avail, Abbott began taking measures of his own.

Part of the Texas governor’s work involves building a physical barrier at the southern border. Abbott’s also been having illegal immigrants who arrive in Texas get transported to left-wing cities like Washington D.C. and New York City.

The mayors of both these communities have complained about receiving migrants by the busload. However, they’ve refused to press the White House to uphold immigration laws. This comes on top of them rejecting Abbott’s invitation for them to visit the border in person.

Now, New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) is threatening to retaliate against migrants being sent into his city.

New York City vs. Texas
While holding a Tuesday press conference, Adams informed that he’s talked with allies in the Lone Star State, urging them to vote against Abbott. The Texas governor happens to be up for reelection this year.

Later, the NYC mayor said he’s thinking about having buses of New York residents go to Texas in order to personally campaign and knock on doors. Adams claimed getting politicians like Abbott out of office is ultimately for the “good” of the United States.

This isn’t the first time Democrats have come after the Texas governor and it likely won’t be the last. When Adams previously complained about migrants coming into his city, Abbott noted that what New York City and DC are facing is a fraction of what Texas is up against.

Playing Both Sides of the Field?
In previous public addresses, Adams has gone on record, claiming New York City is a “sanctuary city” for migrants of all citizenship statuses.

Abbott, meanwhile, believes the Democratic mayor should follow through with this so border communities in Texas can have breathing room.

To this day, the White House has not put forward any policies that would secure the southern border and erase the need for Texas to send buses of migrants to left-wing sanctuary cities.