New York Is Moving To Phase Out Gas-fueled Vehicles

The Democrats are playing a dangerous game, amid their agenda to have everyone driving electric vehicles. Unfortunately, electric vehicles aren’t living up to the hype. One huge obstacle this technology faces right now is that these vehicles struggle with charging.

Time and time again, reports have emerged of electric vehicle charging stations not working or people being advised not to use them as a means of conserving energy.

To make matters even worse, getting the entire nation hooked on electric vehicles would be doing a serious US enemy a huge favor. As it turns out, communist China has the most to gain from the United States being reliant on electric vehicles for transportation.

Despite the communist regime having the most access to parts necessary to create electric vehicles, New York has joined California in moving to outlaw non-electric vehicles by the time 2035 arrives.

A Calculated Decision
New York’s decision to phase out cars that aren’t electric vehicles comes as part of the left-wing climate change agenda. Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) announced in a statement that this ban, which will be implemented in 2035, is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cut back on pollution.

Unfortunately, Hochul has yet to get ahead of the very real issues with electric vehicles. If left-wing states like New York and California get their way, a lot of people will be trapped with no reliable method of transportation.

In spite of this, multiple Democratic states still want everyone forced into driving electric vehicles.

Not only are states like California and New York passing anti-gas fueled car laws at the state level, but they’ve also put pressure on the Biden administration to federally prohibit non-electric vehicles.

Pushback From Republicans
Unlike Democrats, most Republicans believe the American people should be able to choose which cars they drive, rather than being forced into electric vehicles by the government.

At the state level, for instance, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) has vowed to do everything possible to ensure his state doesn’t get sucked into mandated electric vehicle usage.

Likewise, other Republicans continue to speak out about the dangers of strong-arming everyone into getting rid of their gas-fueled cars.

Some GOP members even warn that Biden’s intentionally allowing gas prices to rise so Democrats have an easier time forcing Americans into electric vehicles.