New York In The ‘Hot Seat’ Over COVID-Related Lies

Like many blue states across the country, New York quickly goes under. Right now, New York has stringent and tyrannical medical mandates in place, owing to COVID.

In New York, people are under mandates requiring them to show proof of vaccination against COVID to get service and go within most public, indoor environments. Americans warned about this happening in 2020. However, they were laughed off and dismissed as far-right conspiracy theorists.

Bearing this in mind, it’s no shock that New York is one of the states that saw the most amount of people moving away. Between the COVID mandates, high taxes, and overall lack of affordable living costs, New Yorkers are leaving for greener pastures like Florida and Texas.

However, the issues of the Empire State keep piling up. Right now, the state of New York is being put on blast for lying about COVID numbers, as confirmed by RedState.

By the admission of New York Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul, the state admitted that anyone who tested positive for COVID in a hospital was marked as a COVID patient, regardless of their reason for seeking medical care.

It means that if someone got into a car wreck, went to the hospital, and tested positive for the virus, they were automatically cited as a COVID hospitalization. Fudging the numbers in this fashion led to an outright overinflation of who was genuinely being hospitalized because of coronavirus.

In follow-up statements, Governor Hochul declared that New York hospitals are now expected to distinguish between being hospitalized because of COVID and who goes to the hospital for other purposes and just so happens to test positive for the virus.

The admission of Governor Hochul, yet again, confirms what many conservatives stated was going on in 2020. COVID rates were primarily used as justifications for measures such as mandates.

However, upon knowing that hospitals intentionally misrepresented the number of COVID patients, it again questions the basis of vaccination edicts and other medical mandates.

The reality of New York hospitals lying about the actual numbers of COVID hospitalizations is yet another reminder of why trust in the so-called health officials and experts is at an all-time low.

Their stories constantly change, and new lies are regularly being exposed. At this point, it’s only a matter of time before the public learns about further missteps from the healthcare community.