New York City Police Union Releases “Distressing Statement”

Despite the fanfare before the nation this week, the New York City crime problem isn’t even close to being resolved.

On Thursday, the President took a trip to New York City, supposedly in the name of cracking down against crime in the community. However, all he did was use crime as an excuse to announce an extreme anti-gun agenda and make false statements about firearms.

As Biden enjoys a cushy life in Washington DC (and at his private Delaware residences every weekend), the problems in New York City are ongoing and increasingly distressing.

According to National Review, this was made apparent in a recent announcement from a police union in New York City.

The Detectives’ Endowment Association of New York City is not mincing words when it comes to the poor conditions of the community.

This group reveals that Alvin Bragg, the leftist district attorney in Manhattan, is following San Francisco’s footsteps and essentially decriminalizing lawlessness. Some examples of this include Bragg announcing in a memo that he won’t prosecute arrest interference, resisting arrest, possession of marijuana, jumping of turnstiles, prostitution, trespassing, etc.

It gets worse, though. The Manhattan district attorney is even pushing for lessening felony charges associated with dealing drugs and armed robberies.

According to DEA President Paul DiGiacomo, Bragg has emboldened criminal offenders while bringing serious peril to law enforcement officers and civilians in the general public.

DiGiacomo additionally warned that due to the current lawlessness in New York City, stray bullets are taking the lives of kids, and it’s all but open season on police and civilians.

Since facing immense backlash following the memo release, the Manhattan district attorney attempted to walk some things back verbally.

Bragg refuses to take on crime in New York City, and the city is also preparing to expel police officers who aren’t inoculated against COVID. It will only further contribute to the lawlessness in New York City.

As all this plays out, Mayor Eric Adams still focuses on gun control. To the knowledge of the public, Adams hasn’t contacted Bragg and urged him to take a serious stand against lawlessness.

If Democrats were genuinely committed to bringing a stop to crime, they would conduct themselves accordingly. In the case of New York City, this entails recruiting (rather than firing) more cops, prosecuting criminals to the maximum extent of the law, and abandoning duplicate gun control crusades.

New York City has zero gun manufacturers in the community and heavy gun control restrictions. None of it is having an iota of impact in stopping crime surges.