New York City Now Wants Non-Citizens To Vote

Democrats are in a very real bind, and they know it. With a series of horrible economic policies, energy independence, Second Amendment rights, and more, Democrats are losing support from Americans.

The outcome of the Virginia governor’s race earlier this year is one of the most prominent indicators. Another dead-ringer of Democrats losing favor from Americans is the reality that Biden’s approval ratings are only about 50% in two states.

As usual, though, when Democrats are losing or failing to get their way, they try to change the game’s rules. It is something that’s currently materializing in the blue locality of New York City.

According to Newsmax, New York City is working to allow non-citizens to vote in local political races.

On December 9, the council of New York City will vote on a bill to permit 800,000 non-citizens living in the community to cast a ballot in the elections. Democrat Eric Adams, the city’s incoming mayor, has already declared he’s all in favor of this legislation.

Now, Democrats have already stated that bills of this nature are about fairness and equality. It is a lie, however. Legislation like this is simply a strategy for Democrats to prevent ever losing elections.

The political left knows that non-citizens and illegal aliens will favor Democrats rather than Republicans. Therefore, if the Democrats can get these individuals to vote, they will pad the numbers’ game in their favor. All in all, the political left sees non-citizens as tools for them to remain endlessly in power.

New York Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney has spoken out about what the city is trying to do in this regard. According to Tenney, this legislation to let non-citizens vote undercuts city residents’ votes and the integrity of the voting process itself.

If Democrats succeed in getting this legislation passed into law in New York City, they will undoubtedly try to recreate this in other communities across the United States. It is how the left operates.

Amid massively declining poll numbers, the Democrat Party knows it’s going down. Democrats know they are losing the favor, backing, and votes of the American people.

Instead of Democrats making necessary modifications to be more aligned with the interests of Americans, they want to rig the game by letting non-citizens and illegals engage in the voting process.

It is unacceptable. Patriots must therefore hold the line and ensure this type of chaos does not spread across the United States.