New York City Is About To Get A Lot ‘More Chaotic’

The laundry list of problems in New York City cannot be overstated.

New York City has one of the worst crime problems throughout the United States. Multiple stores are shutting down in the Manhattan area due to significant losses in inventory from shoplifters.

Thanks to bleeding-heart leftists determining that criminals shouldn’t be pushed for shoplifting, folks are walking into stores, cleaning out shelves, and then leaving with the merchandise in broad daylight.

That’s not to mention the rise in violent crimes against individuals, thanks to “bail reform” in the Empire State and the defunding of the New York Police Department.

With all this mayhem underway, New York City needs as many hands on deck as it can get. According to the National Review, this is what makes the city’s choice to fire a slew of city employees all the more disturbing.

Collectively, 1,430 employees for New York City lost their jobs earlier this week due to their personal healthcare choice to decline the COVID vaccine. These employees spanned across multiple divisions, including the Education Department, Sanitation Department, Housing Authority, Police Department, and Fire Department.

Mayor Adams has shown a borderline sociopathic disregard for these people losing their jobs. Instead, the Democrat Mayor opted to focus on the vaccinated city employees. New York City has seen a series of protests against these heavy-handed COVID mandates. Yet, the Mayor is keeping them in full effect.

More firings may be coming in New York City also. Currently, the city is reviewing a series of medical and religious exemption requests against the COVID vaccine mandate. If these exemptions get denied, and workers still refuse the COVID jab, they’re also set to lose their jobs.

When Bill de Blasio led as the Mayor of New York City, he did a terrible job, bringing in the current crime wave the community suffers from. Current Mayor Eric Adams shows that he’s not any better than de Blasio.

Adams has chosen to keep de Blasio’s mandates in order, regardless of how useless they may be. In response to crime upticks, Mayor Adams pretends like firearms are the problem, rather than soft-on-crime reforms that give offenders a free pass.

Last year, New York made a list as one of the leading states in the union that Americans were moving out of. Perhaps some of the city’s first responders who lost their jobs this week can relocate to red states that would be happy to have and employ them.