New Texas Republican Winner: Democrats ‘Walked Away’ From Texas’ Hispanic Community

Appearing on “Robb Schmitt Tonight” with guest host Carl Higbie, Representative-elect Mayra Flores (R-TX) spoke about her historic victory and the conservative values and ideals that she wants to focus on in Congress.

Flores’ lightning-fast rise to political fame began on Tuesday night when she became the first Mexican-born woman to be voted into the House of Representatives, while also becoming the first Republican to win Texas’ 34th District since the 1860s.

To achieve that historic victory, Flores defeated her Democrat challenger, Dan Sanchez, winning 51% of the vote to his 43%. This is a drastic change from just two years ago in 2020, when Democrats won the district by 14 points, and an even bigger shift from 2018, when Democrats won by 20 points.

Flores will serve out the remainder of the term of Rep. Filemon Vela (D-TX), who resigned on March 31. Unfortunately for Flores, that doesn’t leave her with a lot of time before her next election in November.

On Friday night, Flores decided to briefly celebrate her victory with an appearance on Newsmax before focusing on the upcoming midterm election, which will be challenging, as the show’s host noted at the beginning of the interview that redistricting has made it so that she will be “running in a much bluer district in November.”

“The lines don’t change the value of [our] substance,” Flores said during her interview. “We continue to be all about faith, family and hard work, and those values align with Mayra Flores.”

She went on to acknowledge that she grew up in a pro-Democratic household, but began aligning herself with conservative ideals and values at some point as she got older. In 2020, her father — a life-long Democrat — joined her in switching to the Republican Party.

As Flores describes it, the Democrat Party “walked away” from her father, as she noted that her father says that “they’re so far left now.”

“The [Democrats] walked away from the Hispanic community,” she added. “I feel like they’re the ones who abandoned us. … They don’t stand for the values in which we stand for, which is ‘God, Family, Life and Hard Work.’”

Later in the interview, Higbie questioned whether conditions at the U.S.-Mexico border played a role in Texas’ 34th District flipping Republican.

“Absolutely! I don’t know why the Democratic Party thinks their policies on immigration are going to help them,” replied Flores, who, according to People magazine, was born in Tamaulipas, Mexico, before moving to the U.S. with her family at the age of 6.

“We need to focus on legal immigration. … How do we improve that process, so more good people can come here? We want more Mayra Floreses to come here and experience this” American freedom, she added.

In just under a week, Flores went from being virtually unknown in the world of politics to be a potential rising star in the Republican Party. The only obstacle she has left to keep that fame is her success in the general election on November 8, where she will be facing Rep. Vincente Gonzalez Jr., a Democrat who currently represents Texas’s 15th congressional district but has chosen to switch districts.

“We take no one for granted,” Flores said. “We don’t feel entitled to that [November] election. We’re going to work really, really hard to earn the respect of all the people of Texas’ 34th District.”