New Poll “Spells Trouble” For Georgia Democrats

Democrats across the nation are in big trouble. Their nationwide representation comes from a president who keeps making one wrong move after the other. From inflation to foreign policy, the US supply chain, public safety, and poverty, Biden demonstrates that he doesn’t know which way is up from down.

Some Democrats are beginning to wake up to this and distance themselves and the 46th President. Beto O’Rourke, for example, is running for governor in Texas. He’s also been clear that he doesn’t want anyone outside of the Lone Star State getting involved in the election.

In the case of Georgia, Democrats in the state are facing some serious issues, as reported by RedState. At the very least, some of these issues are undoubtedly the consequences of Biden’s problems trickling down to the rest of the party.

A recent poll by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows that Georgia Republicans might be able to hold onto the governor’s mansion this year after all.

Last year, Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams declared her candidacy in the gubernatorial election. However, the AJC poll shows that Abrams is behind current Governor Brian Kemp and former Sen. David Perdue. They are running to win the state’s nomination for the general election.

In the Georgia Senate race, Democrat Raphael Warnock is also behind in the polls to Republican Herschel Walker. Both Perdue and Walker have the endorsements of President Trump, something which both candidates are hoping works to their advantage in these elections.

Another bout of bad news for Georgia Democrats arrives in new data, which surveys Biden’s approval and disapproval ratings in the state. While one-third of Georgians approve of how the 46th President is doing in office, a grand 61% disapprove.

Abrams might have caught onto how poorly Biden’s doing in her state, seeing as she was noticeably absent during his visit earlier this month to promote elections takeover bills.

Over the past year, Americans have seen what the leftist agenda entails and how negatively it impacts the country. Thanks to Democrats’ spending bills passed in 2021, inflation is hitting the economy like a wrecking ball with no signs of subsiding anytime soon.

Meanwhile, shortages in labor and the supply chain certainly aren’t doing the economy any favors. As the leftist agenda continues to fail the country in so many ways, all Biden can do is talk about what an incredible job he’s doing as President.

It’s no wonder that Georgians are altogether fed up with him.