New Poll Rules Out Any Chance Of A ‘Biden Comeback’

Since becoming President, Joe Biden has utterly wounded his reputation amongst the American public. Despite all the skeletons in Biden’s closet, when he was running for office, some Americans still perceived him as an affable moderate who would bring peace back to the nation.

Since getting into the Oval Office, Biden has provided this perception as utterly wrong, beyond the shadow of a doubt. The 46th President has done his best to erode freedom and usher in autocracy with tyrannical COVID vaccine mandates.

However, thanks to lawsuits from Republican leaders, Biden’s mandates were destroyed by the Supreme Court and a federal judge in Texas.

Biden also made a mess of immigration, the economy, public safety, and a litany of other points. He’s abandoned promises to his base, neglecting to make good on commitments like free community college and the erasure of coronavirus.

However, a new poll from RedState officially proves that if Biden ever had a shot of making an eventual comeback, it’s long gone.

A brand new poll by RealClearPolitics reports that 54.4% of the country does not approve of Biden’s job as President. Meanwhile, his approval rating rests at a mediocre 39.8%.

At the same time, Biden has effectively lost support from Independents, a critical demographic that made a difference, not just in 2020, but will also matter in forthcoming elections.

In another recent poll by Morning Consult, 55% of Independents made known their disapproval of Biden. Only 34% let the pollster know they approve of the job Biden’s done in office thus far.

Biden’s newest data tracking support comes when his Administration has faced one scandal after the other. Just this week, the White House landed in hot water for planning to hand out ‘crack pipes’ to drug addicts, especially those in inner cities.

However, after the significant pushback against such an irresponsible proposal, both the White House and Department of Health and Human Services alleged their smoking kits for drug addictions were never going to include crack pipes.

For a good reason, many Americans aren’t buying this claim.

Since Biden’s time in office, he’s committed multiple impeachable offenses. The top two, by far, include his handling of Afghanistan last year and his refusal to uphold domestic immigration laws on the southern border.

If Biden makes it to 2024 without being impeached, there is a genuine chance that progressive Democrats will find a candidate to primary him. There’s also been talk about Hillary Clinton making another run for President if Democrats lose the midterms on Biden’s watch.

If Biden does make it to the 2024 general election, whichever Republican runs against him will have a field day. With each passing second, growing numbers of Americans are looking forward to Biden being out of the White House.