New Poll On US Democracy Is Very Troubling

At this point, there is no denying that our nation’s democracy is under attack like never before. Freedom is a foundational element of democracy. Yet, the United States is burdened with a president who takes every chance possible to spit in the face of freedom.

Biden seems to believe he is a king rather than a president bound by rules and checks and balances. The president has attempted every way to impose illegal, federal COVID vaccines on Americans.

Biden sought to get around injunctions on his mandates when the courts intervened. He failed in this regard. As Breitbart News reported, with this president in the White House, more young people than not believe democracy is in a precarious position.

According to Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics, 39% of adults younger than 30 believe democracy faces severe troubles. Another 13% believe that democracy in the United States of America has failed altogether.

Merely 7% of young adults stated the current state of democracy is healthy. Meanwhile, another 27% told Harvard Kennedy School that democracy in the United States is only “somewhat functioning.”

51% of Independents, 70% of Republicans, and 44% of Democrats believe our nation’s democracy is either on thin ice or an altogether failure. Nearly five out of ten Republicans who fall into the aforementioned age bracket also believe America could be heading towards another Civil War. 38% of Independents and 32% of Democrats also share this outlook.

This latest news is very troublesome indeed. However, reviewing the major concerns young people have regarding democracy in the United States sends an unambiguous message.

That message is that Americans must stand up and fight for democracy. It means fighting back against tyranny and authoritarianism, no matter how much its supporters try to justify these measures.

Democracy is what the nation was founded upon. However, there will always be people who seek to destroy it. Defending democracy means standing up against the radical and dangerous impulses of the Joe Biden administration. It also means refusing to allow Democrats to use COVID as an excuse to take away the rights of the American people.

If there’s one thing this poll does, it’s highlight the work that needs to be done in this country. Biden has done all he can to erode democracy. Now, the patriots must ensure he fails.