New Poll Further Shows The Downfall Of Democrats

It is not uncommon for Americans to hear Democrats talk about how much they are fighting to make things fair and equal for the average American. Democrats also routinely claim they’re fighting for the underdog and being heralds for the oppressed.

However, there’s a major gap between what Democrats say they’re doing versus what is happening due to their policies. Look no further than hefty government spending.

Democrats consistently claim that more spending means more security. However, more spending has triggered an inflation crisis, leaving the most disadvantaged individuals the most vulnerable.

A new poll has come out and this poll only further shows how far Democrats are falling, as explained by Twitchy.

According to a fresh poll by the Wall Street Journal, Republicans are rated as “best able” to handle the following issues: cutting back on crime, rebuilding the economy, subduing inflation, and managing US foreign policy.

Likewise, Republicans are also rated as “best able” to deal with these other matters: Managing Ukraine, protecting the middle class, bettering education and keeping children in schools.

The only issue that Democrats are cited as “best able” to handle is a coronavirus.

The Wall Street Journal’s survey speaks volumes. It ultimately shows that Democrats remained out of touch and disconnected from the American people.

The left can publicly profess to be fighting for everyday folks all they want. However, the previous poll clearly shows Democrats are not doing nearly as great a job as they’d like to believe they are.

With the midterm elections being mere months away, data from the Wall Street Journal only further increases the likelihood of Republicans winning.

Democrats are bogged down, not just by low poll numbers but also by one failure after the other coming from their party’s president. Meanwhile, Biden is making things worse by refusing to take constructive criticism or truly listen to the American people.

During just this past Friday alone, Biden was openly tearing into Americans for daring not to be pleased with inflation and high gas prices.

Democrats seem to partially understand Biden is hurting their chances of winning elections this year. It would explain why multiple leftists with ongoing campaigns have creatively employed various means to limit their public associations with Biden.

Nevertheless, this will not prevent the inevitable red wave that’s coming in November.