New Poll Finds Top Democrats in Serious Trouble

The decisions being made by the Democratic Party are having an adverse impact on everyday Americans.

Since taking control of the federal government, Democrats have pushed through a series of policies that mean disaster for the country. The shutdown of the U.S. energy sector in 2021 is why Americans are spending higher and higher amounts of money on gas today.

Then, there’s the inflation disaster that Biden and Democratic lawmakers created when they passed through multiple spending bills with no regard for the damage it would do. Once again, Democrats were warned about the risks associated with reckless spending bills. But they refused to listen. And now, everyday people have to pay the price — literally.

To say that Americans aren’t pleased with Democrats would be an understatement. The extent to which the American public disapproves of this president and his administration is illustrated in detail by the results of a new poll, according to Red State.

The Latest Verdict on Biden, Harris and Pelosi

In a new McLaughlin and Associates poll, 58% of Americans are supportive of Biden taking a test that determines the level of his cognitive functions.

Interestingly enough, the president isn’t the only one in this boat. McLaughlin and Associates also revealed 61% of Americans believe House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) should undergo a cognitive test as well.

Vice President Kamala Harris, meanwhile, was rated by Americans as only slightly less incompetent than Biden. When McLaughlin and Associates asked the public whether the president or vice president was more incompetent, 15% chose Biden, while 11% selected Harris.

According to McLaughlin and Associates, these findings from the public are a very real cause for concern.

The pollster warned that there could be a very negative outcome that arises from the president and vice president both being viewed on such a large scale as “incompetent,” especially amid the current war overseas and skyrocketing inflation here at home.

A Bellwether for November’s Midterms

With the midterm elections getting closer, Democrats have been scrambling for a strategy to avoid losing their races.

Pelosi has already stated that she’s afraid for America’s “democracy” if Republicans take back the House and the Senate.

For a while, there was some talk about Democrats deploying Harris to rile up support ahead of the midterms. But the McLaughlin and Associates’ poll indicates that this may not be such a great idea, if their goal is to improve their likeability with voters.

The truth of the matter is that the findings from this poll are about as clear as it gets. The American public is not pleased with the current White House or with Democratic lawmakers in Congress. This is why one poll after another shows continuous disapproval for Biden’s historically awful administration.