New Jersey Separates Sex Education Classes By Gender Identity

New Jersey now wants K-12 schools that offer separate classes for boys and girls to learn about sexual education to switch to separation by gender identity, not biological sex. The state’s Department of Education passed various controversial and questionable amendments to its equity requirements.

One encourages schools to separate gender-specific sexual education classes based on a student’s chosen gender identity. Schools can offer combined sex ed classes. Instead, New Jersey would prefer to allow biological males to attend a course designed for biological females and vice versa.

Across the country, public education has seen a surge in heavy (liberal) political influence and parents trying to earn a spot in their children’s education. The change, which passed by only one vote, simply adds to the list of public schools in the U.S. that are pushing a liberal agenda on students.

Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy’s administration has recently sued four districts that require school teachers and officials to inform parents if their child displays a change in their gender. Murphy has argued that this apparently “outs’ LGBTQ+ students to their parents.” The vote has already created controversy.

Locals who attended the meeting threatened to sue the DOE; some state board members stated the policy fails to protect young girls. The board’s VP asked, “Why are we protecting transgender kids when it comes to sex ed and dividing the groups and not protecting girls?”

New Jersey has been known for woke moves like this. Last year, the state transitioned its sex-ed curriculum to compel schools to introduce sex and gender concepts in earlier grades than what is typically recommended. New standards also include instruction on mature and explicit sex concepts for older students.

The DOE is forcing schools to implement the equity plans that align with the new state standards in 60 days or less. Districts that do not implement the changes may face harsh consequences—I.e., suspension, termination, or refusal to provide continued Federal and State financial assistance.

So essentially, NJ school districts are being bullied into doing something whether they believe it’s right or not. They are essentially being told to comply, or they will lose their jobs. They will be put in a rough financial position, or the schools will be cut off from funding due to non-compliance.

Districts once had 180 days to implement equity changes. However, the state decided that’s too long. They say they want to ensure “school districts are not implementing inequitable practices for up to six months.” The left has certainly been pushing harder, and parents are pushing back.