New AP Poll Shows That Democrats Are Losing Faith in Biden

President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have been dropping since he took office, and things certainly aren’t getting better. Americans don’t trust Biden’s ability to competently lead the country and with price hikes and supply chain issues, they aren’t wrong to distrust his entire administration.

According to a new poll by Associated Press, Biden’s approval rating is at an all time low of 39%. It’s not just the economy that has Americans second guessing Biden’s decision making. Foreign policy, the southern border, and health measures have contributed to Biden’s unpopularity.

Poll numbers aren’t just dropping because of Republicans. Biden lost a lot of popularity within his own party. Biden’s job approval among Democrats dropped from 82% in April to 73% in May.

Milan Ramsey, a 29-year-old high school counselor and Democrat in California said, “I don’t know how much worse it can get.” Ramsey said she had to move into her parents home with her husband and infant in order to support their family. Yet, Ramsey still doesn’t blame Biden.

Ramsey also said, “He hasn’t delivered on any of the promises. I feel like the stimulus checks came out and that was the last win of his administration. I think he’s tired – and I don’t blame him, I’d be tired too at his age with the career he’s had.”

If it’s not Biden’s fault then who’s fault is it? Biden has been in office for almost 2 years. He’s had plenty of time to implement measures to help the economy and support business reopenings but has failed to do so.

This is the exact situation that has brought the United States to its knees, as citizens vote for Democrats who overpromise and underdeliver. It’s a cycle that continues and it’s up to voters to fix it.

Associated Press reported, “The new poll shows just 21% of Americans say they have ‘a great deal of confidence’ in Biden’s ability to handle the situation in Ukraine; 39% say they have some confidence and 39% say they have hardly any.”

Biden is losing what popularity he has. And as the economy gets worse, he’ll lose much of that.