Nevada May Protect Surgeons Who Perform Child Gender Change Surgery

Nevada may be the first electorally-split state to place protections on doctors that perform gender reassignment surgery, according to a new bill.

The proposed bill, SB302, would protect surgeons who carry out such procedures from potential punishment.

The bill reads that the office of the governor cannot surrender or issue an arrest warrant for “a person who is charged in another state with a criminal violation related to gender-affirming services.”

The proposal also reads that the state may not assist “in certain investigations and proceedings initiated in other states” related to such gender changes.

The bill also requires “certain health care licensing boards to examine the feasibility” of offering reciprocal licenses for doctors in other states that provide such procedures.

During the testimony regarding the bill, one local healthcare worker stated that such gender change operations “are appropriate and beneficial for many gender minority youth.”

State Sen. Jeff Stone (R) stated that only those above the age of 18 should be able to make such a life-altering decision.

He described how the daughter of one of his friends began gender transitioning as a minor and regretted it.

“We know that not every child that has sexual dysphoria maintains that identity as they progress through puberty,” he said.

Such a bill is not unique. Minnesota recently passed a similar law. One major difference, in this case, is the split nature of Nevada’s government.

Nevada is a unique case in the debate over child gender changes. The state is neither solidly Republican nor Democrat. Democrats have carried the state in each presidential election there since 2008. However, Nevada also elected a Republican governor there in 2022.

Today, the Democrats control the state Senate by a margin of 13-8 and the state Assembly by a lopsided 28-14 majority.

However, any bill that makes it through the Nevada state legislature would arrive at the desk of Gov. Joe Lombardo (R-NV).

The proposed changes in Nevada also follow a ban on minors receiving gender changes in Indiana.

The wider debate over transgender issues has increased dramatically, including on college campuses. Daily Wire columnist Matt Walsh was recently asked about the topic in New Mexico.