NBC News Reporter Has A Dreadful Caveat For Democrats

The Democrat Party has royally messed up. Democrats got too cocky after 2020 and believed they were untouchable. That is why they began jumping right into their radical agendas and policies the moment Biden took over the White House. 

Some of the most radical measures Democrats seek to impose include packing the Supreme Court with left-wing justices, defunding the police, opening up the southern border, outlawing the Second Amendment, and more. 

When Democrats lept into this sort of radicalism, they did not think it through long-term. Now, as polls turn against the Democrats and as Democrats just lost control of the state of Virginia, it is beginning to dawn on them that they messed up. 

The Next News Network recently reported that even a left-wing news anchor is sending a critical warning to the Democrat Party.

NBC News reporter Chuck Todd is far from a conservative or Republican. However, Democrats and leftists are not going to like what he had to say. 

Earlier this week, the news anchor warned the Democrat Party is in danger of losing Congress in 2022, especially regarding the House of Representatives. Todd specifically drew attention to Virginia and New Jersey races, indicating that Democrats are losing out. 

Todd also mentioned Biden might have misread the views of where the American public stands. Likewise, the NBC News anchor previously admitted: “scary news” exists for the Democrat Party. Todd explained how dire it is for Democrats that only 22% of the country believes America is on the right track. 

Additionally, Todd drew attention to low approval ratings for Biden. He also explained the Democrat Party is ultimately losing the faith of the American public.

At this point, it is hard to question whether or not most people don’t believe Todd is stating the obvious. It’s effortless to look around and see that all is not well with Biden in charge. 

Biden is not doing an excellent job between inflation, the southern border, the bottlenecks strangling the supply chain, etc. Quite frankly, it’s incredible that Democrats even require a news anchor to state the obvious. 

Nevertheless, the Democrat Party has hitched its wagon to Biden, his administration, and the subsequent crises that come along with it. For this reason, Democrats are going to lose the midterms. They will lose their congressional majorities as quickly as they get them. 

Next, Democrats will lose the White House once the 2024 presidential election rolls around.